Amazing Aboriginal Teaching Staff

At Christ The King we are blessed to have a dedicated staff of Aboriginal Teaching Assistants. They bring with them a range of skills, local knowledge and a genuine love for the children of Djarindjin and Lombadina, while actively contributing to a dynamic team environment and assisting with development of teaching programs. Most importantly our Aboriginal Teachers provide cultural advice and arrange and participate in cultural awareness sessions for students, teachers, and the principal. They provide support for Aboriginal children within the classroom setting and provide culturally sensitive pastoral care. Aboriginal Teachers at Christ The King assist in planning and teaching the Aboriginal Culture Program, and without them we could not offer this program. They arrange activities for events of significance such as reconciliation and NAIDOC, and ensure the involvement of the community and local elders in these special events. They also arrange for guest presenters to visit the school. Our Aboriginal Teachers are a vital link between the school and the community. They ensure that the community is informed about school policies, procedures and curriculum issues. At the same time they keep other school staff informed about issues within the community which may affect students. All of our Aboriginal Teachers are currently studying with assistance from CEWA scholarships at the University of Notre Dame or TAFE where our Admin staff and Canteen staff are doing Business and Hospitality Certs. Two of our Teachers have won national awards for their contribution to education. Vincent Mc Kenzie is a Kate Mullan Award winner and Mena Manado is also a Kate Mullan and NATSIC award winner. Both are outstanding leaders in our school in Language, Culture and education.